Academic Administrative Structure

The academic and administrative structure of the PhD program in Economics is organized as follows:

Committee of Graduate Studies

 It is composed of the program manager, the coordinator of the Graduate Faculty, the Director, Deputy Director and the teachers of the Faculty. Its function is to analyze and solve collegially the academic and administrative affairs of the program. It is responsible for the following activities:

  • To establish the program admission requirements.
  • To assess candidate’s applications for admission to the program and recommend for acceptance or rejection of the candidates.
  • To recommend for academic tutors, and define and ratify the thesis supervisors and members of the thesis committee.
  • To propose external members of the expanded committees.
  • To evaluate the academic quality of the program and, where appropriate, propose corrective action.To establish the internal regulations of the program.
  • To monitor the progress of the program and update curricula if necessary.

Academic tutor

  • The main function is toguide studentsfor making good academicdecisionsandsupportin theirs academic goalsby trackingthe progressof the thesis.They are allocatedaccordingtheir correspondence between thestudent’sresearch protocol, and the experience and line of research of the teacher.

Thesis director

This will be a specialist in the area of knowledge in which the student has decided to do his doctoral thesis and an academician from UABC. When determined by the Graduate Studies Committee, it will be called to an external academic with expertise in the subject area to which the respective thesis relates, acting as a co-director.

The thesis director will have the following functions:

  • To guide,direct and supervisethe research workthroughout theprocess.
  • To presideand coordinate the committee meetingsthesis.
  • To work collegially within the thesis committee.
  • To assume the final responsibility in case of a discrepancy of opinion among the various members of the thesis committee.

Thesis committee

There will be as many thesis committees as doctoral students, and these will consist of a set of academics with doctoral degrees that will advise and evaluate the performance of each student in the elaboration of thesis by the progress made. Thesis committees shall be composed of the thesis supervisor and two academics with doctoral degrees from UABC.

The thesis committee will have the following functions:

  • To monitor thestudent’sthesis.
  • To mentor the
  • To meet regularlywith the student to review the progressof the research project.
  • If necessary, to recommend coursesand actionsto compensate the studentacademic deficiencies.

 Expanded thesis committee

 The Expanded thesis committee adds two professors from external institutions (national or international), besides the internal teachers. These committees shall meet at least once during the last six months before the exam application and finally in the defense of the student’s thesis.

The Expanded thesis committee will have the following functions:

  • To advise and monitor the student’s thesis project. 
  • To evaluate the student at the entrance examination.
    To carry out a review of the student’s thesis and make appropriate recommendations.
    To evaluate the student at the Thesis Defense Evaluation.

Examen PAEP 2018

Examen PAEP ingreso al programa de Doctorado en Ciencias Económicas UABC

Lugar: Edificio de Posgrado (5C) Facultad de Economía y Relaciones Internacionales, UABC Tijuana.

Hora: 3:00pm (llegar con 20 minutos de anticipación).


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